Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday August 8, 2012

President Obama can look forward to a couple of messages in Grand Junction today.  When he flies into town, he'll see a huge message carved into an alfalfa field near the airport. A group called Protect the Flows mowed the message " Mr. Prez, We Rely on the Colorado River." Then when he gets to Grand Junction High School for his town hall meeting, the Western Slope Conservative Alliance will be out in force, rallying outside with signs and t-shirts.

Before the doors open at Grand Junction High School for President Obama's visit, a couple of Republicans will be at the school rallying support for challenger Mitt Romney.  Grand Junction State Senator Steve King and Utah's 3rd District Congressman Jason Chaffetz will be touting Romney's middle class strengthening plan. They say 224,000 Coloradans out of work prove the President's plan for economic recovery hasn't worked.

A new CBS poll gives Republican Mitt Romney a 5 point lead over President Obama in Colorado.  Pundits are keeping a close eye on Colorado along with Virginia and Wisconsin, considered swing states in the upcoming election.   The same poll finds the President with a 4-point lead in Virginia and a 6-point lead in Wisconsin.

Incumbent 3rd District Congressman Scott Tipton and Democrat Sal Pace are facing off in their first debate tonight in Alamosa.  The district covers the 29 counties along the western slope and and much of southern Colorado. The race is being watched closely by national Democrats who see it as one of the party's best opportunities to pick up a seet in the Repbulican controlled House.

President Obama has signed a measure to help farmers and ranchers affected by the ongoing drought.  Senator Mark Udall backed the drought-relief policies which include lower interest rates on USDA Emergency Loans, $16 million in technical assistance from the USDA, and 14 million USDA-dollars being transferred into an emergency fund to assist in providing water and forage for livestock.

A Montrose man is facing charges after a crash injuring a CSP Motorcycle Trooper.  14 year veteran Todd Martin was patrolling Highway 50 near the Delta-Montrose Technical School when he collided with a pickup that turned in front of him. The Montrose Daily Press says Martin was treated for serious injuries and released.

The investigation into what Mesa County authorities had described as a suspicious death in Clifton Monday is over.  The Mesa County Coroner's Office says the cause of death has been ruled a suicide.

The number of oil and gas rigs operating in Garfield and Mesa County is way down from 2008 when natural gas prices were at their high.  The Daily Sentinel says ten rigs are operating in Garfield County down from 64 in November of 2008.  At least one company, Encana USA, is expecting natural gas and so-called wet-gas prices to go up as winter nears.

The Fruita City Council has approved a plan for a new Tru-Value Hardware store, but with one condition.  The store would sit at the end of a residential cul-de-sac at Pabor Way north of Highway 6&50, but the council wants to make sure commercial traffic doesn't upset the neighborhood and is requiring the builder to "discourage" traffic there.  The civil engineering firm working on the plan tells the Daily Sentinel it's not sure exactly what the new plan will entail.