Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday August 29, 2012

The EPA has announced higher fuel efficieny requirements for U-S automakers, upping the standard for cars and light trucks to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.  Colorado Senator Mark Udall has joined a bipartisan effort to increase the standards and says higher-mileage cars save money, make the air cleaner and reduce U-S dependence on oil.  He says the new standard could save families more than $1.7 trillion in fuel costs and have a major impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is trying to get the word out about bear activity picking up across the state.  Bears are starting their annual binge, getting ready for hibernation. People should do what they can to avoid interaction with bears, like making sure trash is secure and food sources, like bird feeders, are removed.  Bears will feed up to 20 hours a day leading into winter, and although not usually aggressive people should still avoid feeding bears.

Montrose County could see an end to lawsuits involving Fixed Base Operator JetAway if it approves a deal to allow another company to operate.  JetAway says it will dismiss all federal antitrust litigation with the county if an agreement is reached to bring in Cutter Aviation to operate under JetAway's FBO contract.  The Montrose Daily Press says the county commissioners have agreed to look into the proposal.

A Grand Junction manufacturer is getting ready to hire a few more people after winning a $35 million defense contract for a lighter easier-to-use tripod machine gun mount.  Capco tells the Daily Sentinel it's updated a mount already used by the Army and produced at the company's Foresight Industrial Park facility.  The contract runs through 2017. Capco was the first company to operate in Foresight Park near 25 Road and Patterson and employs 175 people.

A Clifton mother has been cited on suspicion of misdemeanor child abuse after allegedly leaving her 2-year old daughter alone and going to a Grand Junction bar. The Daily Sentinel says 21 year old Maura Pernicano was arrested Monday night after the little girl's stepfather contacted authorities.  He said he found the toddler alone at the home to two formerly shared.

Grand Valley water suppliers are keeping a close eye on water storage heading into next year.  They say there's enough water to last through this year, but 2013 will depend on winter snowpack.  Suppliers say they're looking at upping rates to discourage use and implementing stricter drought measures.  Water use in the valley this summer actually increased from last year when no drought restrictions were imposed.

Garfield County Commission Chairman John Martin is defending participation in a meeting in Vernal, Utah earlier this year.  Two citizens groups filed suit this week, accusing the commission of backing an oil shale development position reached at the meeting which they say violated the state's Sunshine Act. According to The Glenwood Post, Martin says the commissioners have nothing to hide.  He says if they need to rescind their vote and hold another public hearing, they will.

A Parachute man will avoid prison time in the accidental shooting death of a friend in Battlement Mesa.  26-year old Nathanael Rice pled guilty yesterday to criminally negligent homicide and two other charges were dropped.  The Daily Sentinel says 30 year old Jeremy Caywood was shot and killed in January when a handgun being handled by Rice went off.

Colorado Mesa University remains in the top 10% of 6,600 U-S colleges and universities.  The list is compiled by and ranks schools by factors including post-graduate success.  The Daily Sentinel says CMU ranked 586th.  That's down from 326th in 2009.  Princeton University topped the list.