Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday August 24, 2012

Prosecutors in the Aurora Theater massacre say James Holmes failed a crucial oral exam for his neuroscience program at CU the same day he bought one of the guns believed used in the shootings last month. The prosecutors want access to Holmes other educational records before a hearing next week.  According to the Denver Post, the team says the records are needed to prepare for a hearing next week over what could be the biggest clue to the planning and motivations behind the the massacre.

C-U is hiring attorneys to represent employees and psychiatrists in student mental-health services who may have had a connection with Theater Shooter James Holmes, a former graduate student at the University. A Denver defense attorney not related to the case tells the Denver Post hiring the lawyers isn't a confession, the school is concerned about the possible risk of a lawsuit.

It's not even on the ballot yet, but opposition to a proposed amendment to the Colorado Constitution is organizing.  A coalition called the NO Personhood plans a rally today at the state capitol.  According to The Denver Post, Personhood Colorado will hear next month whether their amendment will be on the November ballot. They say the measure would stop abortions, but would not ban most forms of contraception, in-vitro fertilzation or lifesaving procedures.

Republican State House 54 candidate Jared Wright is firing back after robo calls earlier this week asked voters to encourage him to drop out of the race.  The Daily Sentinel says Wright is paying for calls of his own, and using former Congressman Tom Tancredo's voice.  Tancredo ran an unsuccessful bid for Governor on the independent ticket after Republican Candidate Dan Maes was asked to step down but didn't.  Tancredo lost to Democrat John Hickenlooper.

The 2012-13 school year has barely started, and the District 51 School Board is already looking at the 2013-14 budget.  The Daily Sentinel says a 3-hour brainstorming last night included ideas for saving money, testing, and alternative school options. Superintendent Steve Schultz says district peronnel are looking over the list from last night and will present it and any other findings at the board's business meeting next month.

Palisade's first Standard and Poors credit rating is A, making it a solid canidate for lending.  Town Administrator Rich Sales tells the Daily Sentinel the rating is good news for refinancing debt from construction of the town's water plant.  He says it would save the town as much as $70,000 annually.  The S&P rating comes after Palisade contracted with a Denver bonding company which completed a detailed audit of the town's operations.

More reports of counterfeit cash in Grand Junction.  This time a fake $20 bill at Chik-fil-A.  Grand Junction Police say it is the 15th report of counterfit money in the city this year.

Where does your recyled scrap and paperboard go? Chances are it heads to China.  The Denver Post says Colorado exported nearly one and a quarter million dollars in scap and waste to China last year, up from $8.3 million ten years ago. About 40% of all reclable waste goes abroad, with China the biggest buyer.