Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday August 1, 2012

The Colorado State patrol is investigating a 6-vehicle crash on Highway 69 near Westcliff that left two people dead, one a construction worker.  The patrol says a line of five cars were stopped when a tractor trailer slammed into the rear causing a chain reaction. The truck went off the side of the road and hit a 20 year old construction worker, killing him.  The 57 year old truck driver from Texas was also killed.

Whenever there's a tragedy, someone tries to cash in and that's happening again with the Aurora movie theater shootings.  Mesa County DA Pete Hautzinger is encouraging people who want to help to make sure they're donating to legitimate charity.  Information is available online through the Federal Trade Commission.

Some Colorado Xcel Energy customers are being targeted by a new scam.  In this one, the customer is told their service is soon to be disconnected and they must pay their bill with a GreenDot pre-pay VISA card at a local drug or convenience store.  The scam typically targets Hispanic customers by callers who make speak Spanish. Xcel says whenever they have questions, customers should call the company. And report possible scams to local police.

The City and County of Montrose haven't given up on the possiblity of building a whitewater park in town and are working closely on a plan to ask for Great Outdoors Colorado Grant money to help.  The two are teaming with the Montrose Recreation District with the possibility of applying for the funding at the end of the month.  According to The Montrose Daily Press, a similar project in Golden resulted in $1.23 million economic impact for the city.

Governor John Hickenlooper and his wife Helen Thorpe are separating after ten years of marriage.  The governor called the decision mutual and amicable, and says the couple's main concern now is their son Teddy whom they'll continue to raise together.

A United Airlines flight had a collision with a bird and managed a safe landing at DIA.  Officials tell the Denver Post there was a large hole below the 737's cockpit after the strike about 25 miles from the airport yesterday morning.

An indecent exposure charge against the former head of Two Rivers Convention Center and the Avalon Theater has been dismissed.  The Daily Sentinel says 33 year old Theron LaFountain was cited after being found naked at the Greyhound bus station in June.  He now says he was drugged.  The Grand Jucntion City Attorney tells the Sentinel the charges could be refiled later, but right now it would be difficult to prove his actions were knowing and willful.

The Town of Palisade is still talking about allowing a Dollar General Discount store to move inside its boundaries and a public hearing is scheduled tomorrow on whether to subdivide property for construction.  The Daily Sentinel says planning staff want to know whether the proposal meets land use codes. Tomorrow's meeting is at 3:00 at the Veterans Memorial Commuity Center.

2 local TV stations say President Obama is coming to Grand Junction.  The President reportedly will make a stop here a week from today before heading to Pueblo and Colorado Springs on the 9th.  No word on when or where the rally will be.