Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday March 5, 2013

The Assault Weapon Responsibility Act is moving forward in the State Senate.  The Judiciary committee passed the bill yesterday on a 3-2 party-line vote.  Democrats say the measure is intended to hold manufacturers, sellers, and owners to a high standard of responsibility. Senate President John Morse says the bill marries right with responsibility.

All seven gun control measures on the table in the state Senate have passed out of committees, paving the way for full Senate debate Friday. The Capitol was crowded yesterday with opponents of the measures who say they are attempts to erode Second Amendment rights.

Two employers have reached a settlement for violations of federal statutes related to military service.  Two U-S Air Force veterans' said Delaware Resource Group of Oklahoma and FlightSafety Services Corporation stopped paying money into their 401(k) while they were on military leave.  Under the settlement both companies will allow the men to make their "catch up" contributions and will provide matching employer contributions to each of the 401ks.

If you're planning a trip to the Little Snake BLM area around Craig to collect shed antlers make sure you don't drive off the road.  Field Manager Wendy Reynolds says driving off-road can cause significant damage anytime, but especially in the spring when soil damage can cause serious impacts. Citations for riding an ATV off existing roads can result in a $250 fine.  Harassing wildlife carries a $200 fine.

As promised, Colorado Democratic Senator Mark Udall and Republican Main Senator Susan Collins have introduced legislation they say will mitigate effects of the sequester.  The Udall-Collins bill is designed to give the executive branch more flexibility in implementing cuts while allowing Congress to conduct appropriate oversight throughout the process.

CMU's Water Center is hosting a week-long conference and workshop next week to bring together researchers, students, agency managers, and practitioners to network and bridge the gap between research and land management.  The Tamarisk Coalition, River Management Society, BLM and International Submerged Lands Conference will be in attendance. For information you can go to CMU's Water Center website.

A trial is underway for a man accused of killing a Fruita man one year ago. 30-year old Julio Ortiz and his brother 31 year old Jose were arrested after Able Roper was found stabbed to death outside his pickup, the engine still running, at the Pioneer Village mobile home park. According to the Daily Sentinel, a fight started between the Ortiz brothers and Roper at Cruisers bar the night before. Roper was stabbed 13 times. Jose Ortiz is to return to court next month.

District 51's School Security and Safety Work Group continues its work, with a list of suggestions to be presented to the school board in two weeks.  According to the Daily Sentinel, work group is looking at more counseling, more anti-bullying education, and better door labeling for first responders. The final meeting is next Monday when the group is expected to talk about the cost of some of the safety measures.

8 former DEA administrators say the federal government needs to act sooner rather than later to force Colorado and Washington to nullify laws legalizing recreational marijuana use. The Denver Post says the 8 are issuing joint statements today saying the Obama administration has reacted too slowly and should immediately force the states to rescind the legislation.