Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday October 3, 2012

Police in Delta have not released the name of a man killed Monday night at H-38 and 1575 Roads, but several media outlets say the victim is  27 year old Chad Koch.  Delta Police are saying very little about the incident that left Koch dead.  The cause of death has not been released as the investigation continues.

The City of Montrose has a budget in hand for 2013, 16% lower than 2012 and given unanimous approval by the city council.  The Montrose Daily Press says nearly $800,000 in cuts were made through an increase in early retirements, some job reassignments and restructuring, and a few layoffs.  Included in the budget is a $3,000 bonus for City Manager Bill Bell, credited with saving $125,000 by not hiring an assistant city manager.

A Hampton Inn and Suites franchise in Craig has agreed to pay $85,000 to settle a case brought by non-Hispanic employees who said they were fired because the owners believe non-Hispanics are lazy.  According to the Denver Post, the US EEO Commission agreed with at least three Caucasian workers who were fired.  The company has agreed to rehire the employees and train owners, managers and supervisors on federal anti-discrimination laws.

A man shot at the Racquet Club Apartments Monday night knew the man who shot him and tells the Daily Sentinel that man is a gang member from Los Angeles. 34 year old Phillip Burchim told investigators from his hospital bed an altercation started after a group of people were making a deal for marijuana. The Sentinel says witnesses saw four men speeding away from the apartments in a dark sedan.

School District 51 will probably get less money from the state after official enrollment counts taken Monday.  Officials say the number of students is higher than the number predicted, but still nearly 200 students less than last year.  The Daily Sentinel says the district has 11 days to add in students who were absent Monday, before sending in its official number.

Get ready for some crazy weather in the Colorado high country.  A red flag warning has been posted for nearly all of western Colorado starting at 1:00 this afternoon.  The National Weather Service in Grand Junction says high winds combined with low humidity, high wind and dry foliage are making way for dangerous conditions.  It's all due to an approaching cold front.  There's a freeze watch in the highest elevations for temperatures in the 20s tonight. Denver could also see temperatures fall to around 31 degrees Saturday night.

Hurricanes have been named for years, now blizzards are getting names.  the Weather Channel tells the Denver Post Draco, Virgil and Rocky are some of the possible names.  The idea is to raise awareness and reduce risks, danger and confusion for people in the storm's paths.  Some say it's a marketing scheme for The Weather Channel since it gets to set parameters for what makes a "name-worthy" storm. 26 names, one for each letter of the alphabet are ready to go.