Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday September 27, 2012

The Mesa County Coroner's Office says the death of a patient at Eagle Ridge Assisted Living is more involved than originally thought.  A fire was reported in a room early yesterday and when staff members put it out, they found a patient dead.  The Coroner says it could take many days to determin the cause and manner of death.

A 47 year old Grand Junction man has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after admitting trying to molest a young boy at a Clifton park last year.  According to the Daily Sentinel, Thomas Dausel was arrested in February of last year and faced possible charges of sexual assault on a child.  Those charges were dismissed after the boy's parents said they didn't want him to have to testify.  That charge could have carried a possible life-sentence.

Three bats have tested positive for rabies in Mesa County in the past week, causing health officials to send out a warning about staying away from wildlife or stray animals.  The health department syas it's a good reminder for pet owners to make sure rabies shots are up to date.  The last human case of rabies in Colroado was reported in 1931.

If you registered to vote using a mobile device or tablet between September 14th and 24th, you might not be registered.  The Secretary of State's office says there was a glitch, and if you registered at via mobile or tablet, you should confirm your registration.  The problem is believed worked out now. October 9th is the last day to register for the November election.

If you're underage and drink in Mesa County, you're likely to get caught.  That's the message from a local liquor enforcement crackdown last week.  Grand Junction Police says 17 minor in possession tickets were issued last week, along with one charge for supplying the alcohol to the teens who were found drinking outside a local nightclub on an "18 and over" night.  Twho nights later, 35 MIPs were issued at a house party.  The homeowner facing charges.  An Enforcing Underage Drinking Law grant is paying for the extra patrol.

CMU is jumping in to Homecoming Week activities, with an awards banquet tomorrow honoring Distinguished Alumni, Hall of Honor inductees and Distinguished Faculty. The Distinguished Alumni are Jamie Hamilton and Debra Thompson Smith.  Hamilton well-known in the community for his involvement with CMU, JUCO and CEO of Home Loan and Investment.  Smith graduated with a business and accounting degree and has grown a successful pool-building business. She was active in getting a bill signed into law protecting thousands of jobs in the Texas pool industry.

Grand Junction Police are looking for a 51 year old man missing since Tuesday.  Kenneth Cottingham had made suicidal threats before disappearing.  Cottingham's pickup was found on the canal bank at 28 Road south of I-70 Tuesday night.  Anyone with information should contact police.

Cleanup is finished on I-70 where a semi lost control of its load of paint, spilling about 1,000 pounds of the stuff onto the north shoulder near Edwards.  Westbound traffic was detoured to Highway 6 as the cleanup took place aound 6:30 last night. While crews were uprighting the rig, the remainder of the paint spilled out causing another clean up. The road was reopened around 2:30 this morning.