Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Grand Jucntion Police have three suspects in custody in a burglary and theft investigation involving a woman house sitting at her parents home.  Police says 32 year old Taren Amberry said she was staying at the home when it was broken in to and money and weapons were stolen.  Investigators say she and three men were involved in the theft. Amberry, 32 year old Gregory Johnston and 24 year old David Micky Fields were arrested,  One suspect, 19 year old Jacob Seabold has not been contacted.

A Grand Jucntion woman sentenced to 6 years in prison last week now will spend 8-years in community corrects instead.  30 year old Starlyn Marie Tait was arrested in a wire tap investigation last fall on charges of buying and selling thousands of dollars worth of meth every day throughout the investigation.  Prosecutors wanted a long prison sentence, but District Judge David Bottger decided against that. The Daily Sentinel says Bottger decided Tait would would have a better chance at rehabilitation in community corrections.

A 30 year old man from Massechuseetts arrested in Grand Junction last month accused of traveling here to have sex with children has killed himself in jail.  Yaron Segal, an Israeli citizen died Friday in the Federal Correctional Institution in  Englewood.

Energy Fuels, the company trying to build a new Uranium mill in Montrose County is buying a mill in Utah and and other assets that would make it a leading U-S uranium company.  Energy Fuels is still trying to get started building the Pinon Ridge Mine, but is battling protests from opponents who say the state health department didn't hold enough public hearings bfore granting a license.  The Daily Sentinel says The NRC and State Health Department are meeting today to review the health department's regulatory program for radioactive materials.